John Star did his nursery education at Edokpolo nursery school, then He did his primary education at Ologboshere Primary School, after which, he did his secondary education at Edokpolo Grammer School.

Then he went and studied law at Ambrose Alli University, were he obtained a bachelor of law(LL.B), Master of law(LL.M) and a doctor of philosophy in law(Ph.D in Law). Later he went and obtained a barrister at law at Enugu Law School and got called to as barrister and solicitor.

While in high school and in university, He was a music concert and beauty peagent organizer as well as an entertainer.

He studied and mastered music and dance and learnt the art of entertainment.He won Switzerland dance contest three consecutive times and was the lead vocalist of a Swiss music band while studying international law in Switzerland.

He also studied creative writing as well as movie screen play writing, learnt to play several music instruments.He later wrote and recorded several hit songs and many block buster books.

John Star has decade of entertainment experience and he is an electrifying performer with great stage presence and dance moves that amazes his fans. His verse knowledge of music, movie and book writing to publishing as well as his legal knowledge of contract law, copy right law, incorporation, publishing, civil litigation and settlement are the greatest asset he brings to the table while assisting others to navigate through the entertainment industry.

Hence, John Star is the right one to rely on when it comes to music, movie and book writing, editing, production, publishing and marketing. He can help copy right, pattern and register intellectual properties. He can also help to recover damages through litigation and settlement.

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Astalavista by John Star

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Song for Lockdown In Corona

Song Dedicated to George Floyd

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Includes Song writing, Music recording, Music distribution, Music video productions, Music video promotions


Include Book writing, Book editing, Book Publishing, Book distribution, Book promotion services.


Includes Movie screenplay writing, Movie editing, Movie production, Movie distribution, Movie promotion services.